Use Cases from the Region

Use Case: Hotel Chain

Regional hotel chain with 10+ hotels across region

• Encourage hotel guests to use the hotel group ecosystem
• Position the chain as neighborhood friendly
• Capture demographics on hotel guests and visitors to better serve them

• Provide analytics showing guest demographics
• Provide reports on repeat visitor percentages & dwell time
• Analyze visitors home location to support neighborhood friendly campaign

Use Case: Convenience Store Chain

Regional based chain with 200+ stores in the UAE

• Make sure store customers remain loyal/ retain customers
• Increase marketshare by offering promotions to competitors’ customers

• Provide analytics showing repeat customers and change through time
• Measure effectiveness of campaigns to capture marketshare
• Target customers in vicinity of retail shops

Use Case: Barista Chain

Leading coffee houses with 70+ stores operating in the UAE

• Lure in previous customers in close proximity to the coffee house
• Increase sales

• Send targeted SMS campaigns to the customer base in proximity
• Provide analytics and reporting to coffee house marketing management to better their campaigns and understand customer base

Use Case: Exchange Company

A leading money exchange company in the region

• Keep track of the exchange’s customer base
• Learn how many customers visiting the exchange’s locations also have the exchange’s mobile application

• Provide analytics to understand customer base demographics
• Target customers in vicinity of branches
• Target specific demographics with catered offers to retain loyal customers

Use Case: Tourist Attraction

A tourism site that sees an influx of visitors

• Send welcome messages in the languages of each visitor through the carrier’s SMSC to improve visitor experience
• Understand visitor demographics and where they come from