Telecom Solutions

In recent years, Over The Top players (OTTs) like Google and Facebook have mastered the use of Big Data to better offer customers directed marketing, but also to better serve their customers who increase their loyalty every day.

All data however is passing through Telecom companies, who are sitting on a gold mine, as they have plenty of data. This data is tied to CRM platforms, billing and shows not only customer behavior but verified customer behavior. But what is required is proper digging and analysis of both structured and unstructured data to get deeper insights into customer behaviour, their service usage patterns, preferences, and interests real-time.

At C-Centric, our DPA solution can decrease customer churn, increase revenue from existing customers through targeted marketing, and assist operators on performance management of the network.

Network Capacity Analytics

The Challenge

  • Over or under-built network with negative financial impact (CAPEX\OPEX) and limited flexibility to support customer growth
  • Lack of cell-level network analysis and reliance on high-level planning approaches
  • Missing inputs from sales forecast and marketing trends into capacity planning

C-Centric’s Solution

  • Holistic approach to operational planning that provides data from all operational functions – Marketing, Finance, Network Operations.
  • Real-time and active resource management that enable load balancing.
  • Provide “Sensitive Analysis“ that equip network engineers with the tools to test what-if scenarios to forecast the growth of traffic in future.

Marketing Analytics

The Challenge

  • For every $10 that an OTT earns from users, the Operator earns $1
  • Customer behavior and preferences are captured by OTT who capitalize on user information bypassing the Operators newtork
  • Operators network is considered a dark pipe

C-Centric’s Solution

With C-Centrics DPA, Operators can:

  • Detect usage patterns, customer segments and other behavioral information
  • Predict Customer requirements & needs from segmentation and correlation of available information
  • Act Properly in providing relevant marketing campaigns to the right customer at the right time

Churn Management Analytics

The Challenge

  • A new customer costs over 5x more to acquire than an existing one does to retain
  • The lack of timely insight and delayed response time to customer issues and complaints
  • The low barriers to switching make customers highly sensitive to any negative experience

C-Centric’s Solution

DPA Platform

  • D – Detection of significant event patterns from live network data and correlate these event with contextual insight like customer preferences, usage history, and customer segments
  • P – Predictive analytics to quantify the impact of the event –like possible attrition ,cross/up-sell opportunity
  • A – Act by sending offer and promotion on the right time through the right channel

Performance Analytics 

The Challenge

  • Sub-optimal network performance results in lower QOE due to longer call-center calls, higher customer support costs and unsatisfactory customer experiences.
  • Which regions have most dropped calls?and who are the customers most affected?
  • Which areas are customers calls being routed through different network costing fee and shaving off revenues?

C-Centric’s Solution

Detailed framework that:

  • Combines and compares dropped calls, hand-over metrics, data rates, latency for audio and video services with best-practice KPIs {Retainabilty,Accessibility ,In-Call}
  • Connect and correlate this data with customer profiles and information
  • Suggest a preventive actions such capacity increase or network upgrade.
  • Heat maps, Clusters and Grid Analysis for network traffic analysis